Thank you from Bonus Bingo

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What an exciting and adventurous first few months as a new Bingo Site!

From all of us at Bonus Bingo, we want to thank you for your support and encouragement for these past few weeks. It’s terrible how much you have been inconvenienced as a result of the downtimes.


We understand you have questions and concerns, so we want to take this time to update you and clarify what’s been happening.

First of all, you can rest assured the downtime is not the result of our games, our security or due to some technical issue.

Our site and along with other reputable bingo sites in the industry have been getting flooded with traffic by a competitor so that it creates a traffic jam and our ISP is overburdened with the amount of traffic.

As a result, they are bringing the internet traffic to a standstill and creating a traffic jam when you try to access

Who is behind these attacks?

Our investigation has led us to a competitor in the industry, and we have the authorities involved to ensure they are held responsible.

Our promise to you is that our team, along with our data centre are working tirelessly and will very soon have a solution to ensure you’ll never experience this level of inconvenience again while playing at Bonus Bingo

We are truly sorry and appreciate your patience. You can rest assured, as a new site, will continue to offer you a great online gaming experience for years to come.

This post was written by Binions

Bonus Bingo Specials

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It’s been well over a month, and the Bonus Bingo community is buzzing with excitement. We trust, many of you have been enjoying your $100 free sign up bonus, in addition to your 500% free bonus campaign.

In today’s post, we want to highlight some of the key highlights for you at Bonus Bingo.

Bonus Exchange To Cash ToolBonus to Cash Exchange

Did you know, you can exchange your bonus (including $100 free, lucky charm) to cash to play the many slot games Bonus Bingo offers?

To use the Bonus Exchange to Cash Tool:

  1. Click on the Binion Icon
  2. From the Drop Down Menu, select Bonus Exchange Tool to get started

500% Free Bonus for 30 Days

Bonus Bingo free bonuses

Most sites, offer you a generous 500% free bonus on your 1st deposit, and maybe on your 2nd. But at, you’ll receive 500% free bonus on all your deposits for 30-days straight.

The special bonus applies to all your deposits starting at $20.

New Slot Games

We’ve already introduced a couple of new video slots for you since we launched a month ago. Today, you have access to six (6) interactive video slot games, along with 20+, 9, 5 and 1 line games

New Slot Games

Mobile Slot Games

Did you know, you can play the above six video slot games on your mobile phone?

That’s right while we work on bringing you more mobile friendly slot content, you can enjoy several of the hottest games right now by logging to your with your smart phone.

Nightly Special Bingo Games

Bingo Games Event

Now, you get to enjoy special bingo games in the Binion, Bingo Room:

From 8pm-9pm ET

  • Game 1 – FREE $10 game
  • Game 2 – $50 Guaranteed 5¢ card
  • Game 3 – $100 Guaranteed 10¢ card
  • Game 4 – $75 3-part game 5¢ card
  • Game 5 – FREE $25 game
  • Game 6 – $50 Guaranteed 5¢ card
  • Game 7 – $100 Guaranteed 10¢ card
  • Game 8 – $75 3-part game 5¢ card

From 9pm-10pm ET

  • Game 1 – FREE $10 game
  • Game 2 – $50 Guaranteed 5¢ card
  • Game 3 – $100 Guaranteed 10¢ card
  • Game 4 – $75 3-part game 5¢ card
  • Game 5 – FREE $25 game
  • Game 6 – $50 Guaranteed 5¢ card
  • Game 7 – $100 Guaranteed 10¢ card
  • Game 8 – $75 3-part game 5¢ card


  • When: Every Night from 8 pm to 10 pm ET
  • Room: Binion $ Bingo

There you have it, one month old and Bonus Bingo is learning ways to bring you more excitement and bang for your deposits.

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Your $100 Free Bonus Bingo Offer

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Woohoo, hope you’re enjoying your time at Bonus Bingo.

We want to thank all the new Bonus Bingo members who have taken the time to open an account and try out the community.

Today, we wanted to take this time share with you how to make use of the $100 Free Welcome Bonus.

When you sign up for an account, you’ll instantly receive $10 free ($5 cash + $5 bonus).

Then, from the lobby (see screenshot below), just click the $100 free ad that you see.

Game Lobby $100 free

From the tell a friend page, only send an email invite to one or more friends, and you’ll receive $50 free instantly. And then, directly share Bonus Bingo through a private message with a friend(s), and you’ll receive another $50 free.

Tell a friend - $100 free

There you have it. It’s super easy to get your $110 free as highlighted above.

Then, we encourage you to take advantage of the 500% free bonus promo on all your deposits, as well as the super-easy bonus to cash feature.

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Bonus to Cash feature at Bonus Bingo

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It was important to us to be able to offer our slot players at Bonus Bingo the perk of receiving huge free bonuses and be able to use them towards their favorite slot and casino games, and not just restrict bonus for bingo as many sites do.



With the launch of the Bonus to Cash tool, you’ll be able to take advantage of extended playtime. We thought we explain further how the convert tool will work for you.


For example, you just signed up to Bonus Bingo and are loving the unlimited 500% free deposit bonuses.


You deposit $10o, and receive $500 in bonuses and you wish to continue to play your favorite slot game(s) like Crackin’ Egg.


Before, there was no way to use your bonus on slot games, but with the Bonus to Cash Converter, you can exchange a portion or all of your bonus into cash and extend your playtime.

The regular exchange rate is 10% but for a limited time, we’re offering you a generous 25% exchange rate.


So let’s say you have $500 in bonus, you’ll receive $125 cash. That’s superb value and is the best exchange rate from any other site.

For more information on the Bonus to Cash Tool, check out our FAQ.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comment box below.

This post was written by Binions

Meet The Slot Games at

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As we near the launch of Bonus Bingo, we want to introduce you to some of our slot games.

We know you love bingo and bonuses first and foremost when it comes to playing bingo online. But how do the slot games at Bonus Bingo, measure up against some of the games offered on other bingo sites.

Today, we’re featuring three of our video slot games, that we believe, you’re going to love playing and winning on.


The three are:

  • Crackin’ Eggs
  • Candy Cash Deluxe
  • St. Patty’s Gold

Meet Crackin’ Eggs


With its bonus rounds and wild symbols, the Crackin’ Eggs game will delight and surprise you with frequent wins and an exciting paytable.


This 30 line games offers you many different ways to have fun and win big. With 30 different pay variations, there’s always a different way to win.


You can also unlock Free Spins and Bonus Rounds, making Crackin’ Eggs a versatile and engaging game at Bonus Bingo.

Candy Cash Deluxe

If you have a sweet tooth for slots and candy, we believe you will enjoy the Candy Cash Deluxe slot game.


This is yet another game, similar Crackin’ Egg, that offers you various opportunities to win. For example, the wilds replace any symbol on the reels to complete a win, or Get x3 or more Lollipops to play the Bonus Game for instant Cash!


St. Patty’s Gold Slot

The St. Patty’s Gold game is a fun and interactive video slot with your very own Jackpot game. As you play, watch your jackpot pint grow and when you hit $50, you’ll receive an instant $50 cash credited to your BonusBingo account.


  • Match any 4 or more symbols to complete a win combination.
  • Wins are awarded by multiplying your coin size times the win value for a given combination. Refer to the paytable for win values.
  • The symbols will continue to cascade until no win combinations remain.
  • The Jackpot (JP) is awarded when you collect $50 worth of Gold Coins.


As a new player at Bonus Bingo, you’ll receive $10 free cash to experience our cash only games and when you are ready to play for real prizes, you’ll receive 500% free bonus on all your deposits. To ensure you get extended playtime, you’ll have access to the bonus to cash tool, too.

Also, be on the lookout for the daily slots tournaments where you can play your favorite games and win extra cash prizes.


This post was written by Binions

We are almost ready for launch

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Launching a new site is always exciting. How will our first set of players react towards the new brand? Will they find the design easy to navigate? What will be their first impression? Will become a bingo site they can trust and enjoy for a very long time? How will BonusBingo compare with their existing bingo site?


And of course, what will the community think of the Binions, our mascots?

As you can tell, the launch of a new bingo site is super exciting and we couldn’t be more proud of the team for working hard in getting the community ready for you.

To get the word out, we’re going to rely heavily on the help of our first group of players. Our aim has been to offer a great community that it will become natural to spread the word.

On top of the word of mouth, we’re going to run some advertising campaign on WhichBingo too, as they are one of the longest running bingo portals on the web.

Here are some of the ads, our design team has come up with to introduce BonusBingo to the world and to promote the welcome offer:

All in all, it looks like we’re ready to stir up the online bingo industry and bring an exciting new brand to market.

Thanks for your patience and hope to see you around the community.

This post was written by Binions

Meet the Binions the BonusBingo Mascots

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A bingo community without a mascot is boring. Some of the sites we respect the most, like CyberBingo and BingoMania, all have great mascots who have been an essential element of their community.



Meet the Binions

When we first thought about the kind of mascot would best represent the type of community will become, we had tons of ideas, but we always kept coming back to the idea of a group of mascots instead of the traditional solo mascot.



Today, as we near the launch of BonusBingo the new bingo site, we are excited to introduce to you the Binions. These three adorable characters will delight and bring you great fun as you get to enjoy the games and excitement at our site.

Hello Cuties

We don’t yet have an official name for the Binions. But as our community grows, you can count, we will together name these adorable characters and perhaps, introduce a few more friends along the way.

For now, we shall call them Binion 1, Binion 2, and Binion 3 

BonusBingo the New Bingo Site

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Yeah, in a couple of days, Bonus Bingo will open it’s doors to bingo players across the US and Canada. It will be the first new site to be introduced in the US in sometime and we believe, discerning bingo players are going to really love what BonusBingo has to offer them.

Join Now Bonus Bingo

BonusBingo the New Bingo Site Offer

Here’s an overview what all players will receive as part of the launch celebration at Bonus Bingo

$100 Free Bonus – No Deposit Required

When you sign up, you’ll receive $10 free and an instant chance to unlock up to $100 free bonus with no purchase required. That’s $110 free to test try our new games.

500% Free For 30 Days Straight

We love giving you big bonuses, after all we are named BonusBingo. It’s our privilege to be able to offer you extended playtime more than any other bingo site in bingo land.

As a member of the community, you’ll enjoy non-stop 500% free bonus on all your deposits for 30-days straight.

Bonus to Cash ExchangeBonus to Cash Exchange

Sometimes you want extended playtime as well on slot and non-bingo games. With the bonus to cash exchange feature, you’ll be able to exchange some of your bonuses to cash to be able to extend your playtime on all side games such as video slots and casino games.

To Exchange Your Bonus:

  1. Login to BonusBingo to your account
  2. Click on the Profile picture and select “Bonus to Cash Exchange”
  3. You’ll get to enjoy a special 25% free bonus exchange

Thanks for your interest and we look forward in offering you an all new and exciting community to enjoy the best in free bingo and slot bonuses.

This post was written by Binions

Binions Hard at Work

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The Binions are hard at work, making sure the site is ready for the awesome launch of

When is the launch?

Patience. It’s coming soon. We promise and so do our little Binion friends. They’re super cute and are excited to offer you an exciting new destination to enjoy bingo games with great free deposit bonuses.


This post was written by Binions

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