How Do I Receive My Winnings

We love options. Though Binions love vanilla ice cream, they do agree that when it comes to receiving your winnings, more options means more flexibility and convenience. How thoughtful of them.

  • US players can receive their funds via Money Transfer.
  • Canadian players can receive their funds via Money Transfer, eh!
  • All other nationalities can receive funds via Neteller, Moneybookers, and Money Transfer.

There is a flat fee of $40 for Money Transfer withdrawals, and there is a flat fee of $30 for Moneybookers and Neteller withdrawals.


To qualify for a payout, you must meet the following rules:


  1. Prior to any wins, a minimum deposit of $20 must have been made. This means you do not qualify for a cash out based on winnings that were derived from your trial bonus.
  2. Your trial bonuses are for recreational play only.
  3. To qualify for real money play, a minimum deposit of $20 must be made prior to playing
  4. To keep your account eligible for payout, a minimum deposit of $20 is required per 30 days prior to your winnings
  5. All players required to validate their account prior to receiving winnings.
  6. No winnings won by a returned deposit will be processed and the funds will be forfeited from the player’s account.
  7. You can only make one payout request per week 1 – If multiple payouts are requested in a given week, only the first payout request will be processed. All subsequent pending payouts will be declined and credited back to players account. 2 – When a player cancels their payout and requests another payout, the new pending payout will only be processed on the following Monday’s scheduled payout date.
  8. Any win or payout that amounts to $2,000 or more must be accompanied by a picture and/or quote (100 words) from the player.

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