Can I Play BonusBingo on My iPhone or iPad?

We get it, you’re too cool for bingo and slots online. You live life on the go, with no strings attached and don’t want to be tied behind your laptop or desktop to enjoy all the fun Bonus Bingo has to offer.

For you, we have a solution to enjoy your favorite games on your mobile device.

  • You can download the Puffin app from the app store
  • Puffin it’s a flash friendly web browser
  • Simply download it, then open the app
  • and visit BonusBingo through the Puffin app and enjoy

Alternatively, a handful of our slot games are available from your mobile device. These would be some of the popular Slot games on our site.

  1. You can login to through your phone
  2. Visit the Slots Lobby
  3. And happy spinning

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